About Vapoisseurs

What is Vapoisseurs?

Vapoisseurs it's a platform to unify the opinions of vaporizer users around the world in just one place. The aim is to sum the impresions of the end users about a vaporizer to have a precise profile of its characteristics.

How does it work?

The first thing to do in order to review a vaporizer is create an account. Once you have an account, the rest is very simple. The evaluation criteria is the same for every vaporizer. This will provide a more accurate comparison between all vaporizers. Each review has 12 points, each point corresponds to one category. The first 6 correspond to the device itself, wich are: portability, ease of use, build quality, ease of clean, maintenance and stealthiness. The other 6 points refer to the vapor of each divice. These are taste, smoothness, coolness, potency, efficiency and vaping experience. Once you finish rating these 12 aspects, you can choose to write a small comment about the vaporizer, and the review will be complete.

The average mark, appearing in the vaporizer profile, will be the avarange mark between all the reviews of the vaporizer. You will be able to see both, the score you have given to the vaporizer, as well as the avarage mark that has come from the diferent reviews. The average mark will be in the main bar of the profile, while yours will appear below that, in red.

Affiliate disclosure

Vapoisseurs is a free and transparent community. The way Vapoisseurs is financed is by affiliate marketting. This means that if you buy a vaporizer to our partners by clicking the "Buy it" button, I will get a comission for that sale. It's important to clarify that the price will be the same whether the vaporizer is bought with or without affiliate marketing. The only thing that changes is that a part of the benefits of the sale will be destined to Vapoisseurs.

Finally, all of my partners are autorized dealers. Thus, The vaporizers they sell are original and safe to use.

That's it!

Now you know a little bit better what vapoisseurs is about. If you have any doubts, do not hesiate to send me a mail or contact me on instagram. I hope you enjoy your time here!